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4000 SERIES Controls and Indicators

Group 5 Controller

Open and Delayed Transition Interfaces

Power Knowledge

Closed Transition Interface • Convenient One-Line Diagram - Provides a clear view of the position of the transfer switch. • Source Acceptability LEDs - Indicate the acceptability of each source, according to volt age, frequency, voltage imbalance, and phase sequence settings of the control panel. • Transfer Switch Position LEDs - Indicate which source is connected to the transfer switch. • Transfer Test - Allows testing of the operation of the transfer switch under a simulated failure of the normal source. Pressing for 15 seconds online and transfers the load. • Retransfer to Normal - Allows the user to bypass the programmed Retransfer-to-Normal delay upon return of the normal source during normal operation or a transfer test. • Lamp Test - Verifies the functionality of all LEDs on the User Interface. • User Controls Locked - Displays the status of the password protected controls. • Delayed Transition: LED Indicator signals when loads are disconnected from power sources. • Extended Parallel Time - Provides visual indication when the pre-set extended parallel time has been exceeded. The controls automatically open the emergency or normal main contacts. Separate contact also available to shunt trip to an external breaker. • Failure To Synchronize - Visually displays a failure to synchronize alarm if the time delay settings is exceeded, during closed transition transfer operation. • Transfer Switch Locked Out - Prevents transfer in either direction if the extended parallel time is exceeded. • Alarm Reset - Resets extended parallel and failure to synchronize alarms. • Closed Transition Bypass - Pushbutton allows transfer between sources in an open transition mode.

The 4000 SERIES Group 5 Controller is reliable and field-proven. It provides all of the voltage, frequency, control, timing, and diagnostic functions required for most emergency and standby power applications.

Basic Power Source

Synchronization and Paralleling

Normal OK

• Touch pad programming • Displays active timers • On-board diagnostics • Password protection

Connecting Closed Transition Transfer Switches to Utility Services

Load on Normal

Open Transition


Enter/Save Settings

Increase Value

• Voltage and frequency sensing • Status and control functions

Menu Scroll

Menu Scroll

Decrease Value

In-phase Transfer Status

Source Status

Product Details

Normal Source

Emerg OK

Delayed Transition



Waiting for In-Sync


-45 ° 0.02Hz

Group 5 Controller

Voltage and Frequency Settings

Engine Exerciser

P1...............Engine Exerciser

Normal Voltage


Dropout.........85% 408V

Start: 19h30min. ALL MON

Pickup...........90% 432V

Run Time:..............21h 15min

O.V. Trip.....110% 528V

Product Details

Closed Transition

Please note, the 4000 SERIES Electric Bypass-Isolation models use ASCO's Group H Controller. For more information please follow link to product details.

Electric Bypass-Isolation, Group H Controller



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