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Source PacT automatically isolates from the grid so a BESS can provide green resilient power

Source PacT ™ supports power resilience by monitoring the utility feed. When utility power becomes unacceptable or absent, Source PacT isolates from the grid and signals a BESS to operate in grid-forming mode. When utility power returns, Source PacT reconnects the grid and then signals the BESS to return to grid-following mode.

Source PacT simplifies the integration of the BESS solutions into any facility power distribution system. When compared to custom solutions, Source PacT helps stakeholders in the following ways:

• Specifiers: Source PacT streamlines design and specification with a standardized device designed to UL 3008. • Dealers and Distributors : Source PacT is the first standardized solution for solving a customer’s BESS isolation challenge. • Contractors: Consisting of a single purpose-built device, Source PacT is easy to install. • Owners: Source PacT ’s single interface is easier to understand and use during day-to-day operations and tests.

Today’s options

Optimized architecture

Source PacT Source Isolation Switch

Without an ability to isolate the grid, a BESS cannot offer resilience for utility outages. No Isolation

This device dramatically simplifies design and installation, lowers costs, improves reliability, and streamlines compliance. Source PacT is the simplest solution enabling a BESS to provide emergency power.

DeEnergized Loads




Control signals Designing and deploying controls and relays in custom circuits is complex, resource-intensive, and may not comply with UL 3008. It leaves specifiers and BESS manufacturers without a UL-compliant solution.



Grid Generator

External Contactor

Source PacT


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PV Inverter

PV Modules

AC Load Panel


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Energized Loads

Residential Loads



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