ASCO Power Technologies Products Digital Binder

Source PacT benefits

SIMPLICITY – A single device streamlines design, installation, and operation SAFETY – UL 3008 design offers new levels of safety for BESS isolation applications

RELIABILITY – Factory-tested device simplifies commissioning VALUE – Enabling a BESS to supply backup power maximizes ROI

• Streamlines BESS implementation – Standardized design and factory-tested, Source PacT ™ requires fewer devices, simplifies wiring, and minimizes points of failure.

• Reduces costs and maximizes value – Source PacT maximizes the return on BESS investment by enabling its use as a backup power source.

• Improves resilience – Source PacT reduces reliance on power grids by enabling facilities to produce, store, and access their own power on demand.

• Eases compliance – Source PacT simplifies use of a BESS for emergency standby power as well as compliance with the National Electrical Code ® , California Title 24 regulations, and more.

• Improves sustainability – Enabling a BESS to supply backup power can reduce generator fuel consumption and emissions by using energy from other sources first.


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