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4000 SERIES Electrically Operated Bypass-Isolation Transfer Switches Data Sheet

ASCO Power Transfer Switches are the most trusted critical power transfer devices in the industry. They provide high-speed load transfer between differing sources of power using a reliable, field-proven, solenoid-operated contactor and robust controls.

The ASCO 4000 SERIES Bypass Isolation Transfer Switch provides the necessary capabilities and features required to reliably transfer critical loads between differing power sources. It can shunt its primary transfer mechanism at the touch of a button using a new electrical operator. This allows the switch to be isolated for testing and maintenance without interrupting power to the load. It also provides emergency transfer capability if the primary switch mechanism is disabled or removed. The new ASCO 4000 SERIES Electrically Operated Bypass-Isolation Transfer Switch provides the following features in an easy-to-deploy solution: • Single-touch bypass controls • One-line diagram for intuitive status indication • LEDs indicate permitted and restricted operations • Intelligent self-diagnostics streamline troubleshooting • Automated logging facilitates evaluation and review of historical events • Adjustable delay and trip settings enable site-specific transfer sequences

Intuitive Status and Control Easy-to-understand interfaces and electrically operated controls provide simple operation while minimizing human error and response time.

Advanced Communications Easy-to-access diagnostics, optional remote monitoring, and instant email notifications provide full system awareness.

Full Bypass-Isolation Capabilities

Transfer mechanism can be serviced and tested without interrupting power to loads. Provides manual transfer capability when switching mechanism is out-of-service.

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