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Adapting to a new energy landscape

Needs for greater resilience, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability are driving facilities to adopt new energy solutions. Collectively, these trends are forming a new energy landscape in multiple ways: • Ever-growing need for adequate, cost effective power • Increased commitments to sustainability • Increasing renewable energy funding and decreasing new technology costs • New eco-friendly building codes • Widespread adoption of distributed sources like solar and BESS The benefits of this new energy landscape include reduced power costs, superior operating efficiency, and greater sustainability. Amidst these changes, businesses must preserve and improve power resilience and availability.

Evolving Electrical Architecture to Support Sustainability

Traditional Electrical Architecture

New Energy Landscape

• Utility is primary source • Energy flows from grid to user • Generator supplies emergency power

• Energy derived from multiple sources • Energy flows from and to utility • Distributed Energy Resources supply emergency power

How Source PacT supports new energy initiatives A BESS is typically connected to a utility grid during normal operation to optimize energy cost. When utility fails, it must be isolated to prevent back-feed before the BESS can supply backup power. Facility-specific isolation solutions complicate power system design, installation, and compliance. Source PacT ™ is the device designed to meet UL 3008 requirements for safely isolating grid power from a BESS. Isolation vs. transfer In conventional applications, an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) always connects a facility's power system to one of two power sources. In contrast, a BESS is always connected to a facility's power distribution system, so there is no need to transfer load. However, the facility must be disconnected from the grid to prevent power back feed to utility – which is why an ATS is inappropriate and an isolation switch such as Source PacT is required. Source PacT maintains power resilience without sacrificing safety and reliability.

The Source PacT is to a BESS what an ATS is to a Generator.

Automatic Transfer Switch


Source PacT


Source PacT is the first standardized isolation solution designed to meet UL 3008 – Outline of Investigation for Automatic Interconnection Switches for Emergency Systems


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