January 2022 Internal Newsletter

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January 2022 Internal Monthly Newsleter

Load Testing for a Global Social Media Provider

“This is the future.” ~ Mohamad Adlouni

Happy 2022! The new year presents a fresh start and a chance to continue improving the way we work and live. We took this opportunity to refresh the newsletter design and make it better. This issue reveals a flipbook design to simplify navigation and make your reading experience more interactive. We’re excited for you to start exploring the new layout.

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Virtual Facility - Load Bank Solutions

Conveniently carry out resistive load testing on different sites with a portable load bank from ASCO Power Technologies. This VR experience features the portable ASCO 2805 Load Bank unit that can be used when up to 500 kW is required.

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View the latest in our knowledge base today! View playlist .

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Interactive 3D Facility

We’ve added a new load bank product to our 3D Facility. The ASCO Model 2805 from the 2000 SERIES range can now be viewed on the digital tool.

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Browsing ASCO Quick Connect Products Made Easy Quick Connect products now have their very own product section on the ASCO Power website. The products can be viewed by category for easy selection.

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An Update on the Active Accessory Database The Offer Management team has recently performed a clean-up of the Active Accessory Database, for which the changes will be reflected in Synergy in January 2022. This was done to optimize our business, and many accessories that are low volume, low usage, and/or have similar variations of themselves have been phased out to simplify the overall portfolio. More information, including the product update announcement and current Active and Legacy Accessory lists, can be found here .


ADP Roseland

“ASCO delivered in the middle of a global pandemic and part shortages without cutting corners and before ADP’s drop-dead delivery date.” ~ Juan Escobar, Sales Manager

City of Robbinsdale

“ASCO worked with the consulting engineer and with the local SquareD rep to provide a complete solution for this projects design.” ~ Tony Mcenelly, Field Sales Engineer


Case Study: Load Testing for a Global Social Media Provider With the growth of social media communities, a major social media provider required ever-greater capacity to meet user demands. The company responded by constructing and commissioning multiple hyperscale data centers to support its platform and user community. Reliable 24x365 service is essential...

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Application Notes: ASCO Transfer Switch Frame Type Explained

When selecting an ASCO transfer switch, discussions often reference the term frame type.

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ASCO Learning Series Ask the Experts Webinar: Power Control System

Have your power control system queries answered by ASCO professionals. Ask the Experts: Power Control System is a 60-minute event that gives attendees the chance to ask questions on paralleling switchgear, its operation, and its importance in backup power systems. The Q&A event will run from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM EDT on January 19, 2022. Attendees will earn 1.0 PDH.

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ASCO Mobile Classroom Keep an Eye Out for ASCO Mobile Classroom

We have more events coming your way this 2022. Spot the locations we have visited and have yet to visit by taking a look at the Mobile Classroom map found on the website.

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The analytics of the year 2021 is here! This section contains insights on website traffic, brand to order, and events. Check them out below. ASCO Website Analytics Dashboard • The ASCO Website garnered over 1.5M pageviews during FY 2021 (Jan-Dec ‘21). • It reached over 516K visits, a 2% increase from FY 2020 (Jan-Dec ‘20).

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ASCO B2O Dashboard • ASCO gained 41K mentions (Jan-Dec ‘21) for the NAM region with 12,828 average engaged customers (Jan-Nov ‘21) during FY 2021. • Generated $92.4M worth of Total Won Revenue (Jan-Nov ‘21) based on Influenced Orders

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ASCO Webinar & Mobile Classroom • Overall for FY2021 (Jan ‘21- Dec ‘21) ASCO was able to successfully launch 24 webinars, with 3,412 unique registrations and 1,773 unique attendees. • The most popular topics (based on the average # of attendees) are Data Center and Advanced Webinars. • ASCO was able to register 157 trailer attendees via QR Code for FY 2021 (Jul-Dec 2021). The majority (44%) of the attendees are from the Specifiers class.

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ASCO Power Plans More Virtual Training Events in 2022 Business Wire announces the continuation of ASCO Power Training Webinars this coming year. The global leader in press release distribution detailed successful ASCO events, including Learning Series Webinars, Ask the Experts, and Industry Perspective Series.

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For December 2021 , 25 ASCO employees earned 4,189 points by sharing assets more than 90 times! This helped the ASCO brand grow engagement by 213 . Sharing is a GREAT way for ASCO to gain visibility and reach more leads in the backup power community. It helps ASCO Power Technologies rise in an increasingly digital world. We also have a monthly contest to reward the top Advocates with Step Up points! So make sure you don’t miss out.

The top advocates for December 2021 are as follows:

Manila 1. Christal Joy Caalim 2. Kenneth Luab 3. Maritess Bernardino

North America

1. Joseph Carlson 2. Jose Cuevas 3. Joe Zhou

Amplify ASCO’s voice by linking your social media account to the SE Advocacy platform, checking the latest ASCO posts, and sharing them on your profile. In case you missed the education session for the program, The Social Advocacy Training explains the following:

• Employee Advocacy • Reasons to be an Advocate • Employee Advocacy Features

If you want to participate on social media but don’t know what to share, this is your chance! Start the training here. Try the SE Advocacy tool today.


This is Richerly Domingo . When he’s not busy leading his team, he’s busy creating works of art underwater.

Want to share your hobby? Answer this form to get featured in the next newsletter! • There’s a lot to consider when aquascaping such as lights, fertilizers, and nutrients. It takes time, dedication, and extensive research, but I continue to learn every day. • It can be challenging for beginners. What is Aquascaping? It is the craft of setting up, decorating and arranging a set of natural aquatic elements in an aesthetically pleasing manner. What I like about it: • It helps me relieve stress. • It can also be another stream of income. Challenges:


Mohamad Adlouni Offer Marketing Specialist

“The VR headset experience will allow our sales team to better promote and more customers to experience our product(s), interact with it and also visit different facilities from anywhere, virtually. An experience that wouldn’t have been possible knowing the size of our products to bring to a customer meeting or to fly them to visit a facility. This is the future .”


Now it’s time to tip our hats to individuals who went above and beyond!

ASCO Power Technologies shows gratitude to the following star employees for November 2021. Your hard work does not go unnoticed. We thank you for lifting the team with your talent and dedication. Congratulations to the following Top Performers from each team: Top Performers Technical Support Surge Domestic Sales Support

Sherwin Rivera

Jennifer Cesar

Kenneth Luab

Jerald Diamonon

Lawrence Bayoneto

Supply Chain

For Procurement

Edgarlyn Blesilda Villafranca

Alfredo Engay Jr.

Shermaine Carullo

For Analytics

International Sales


Joseph delos Santos Jr.

Michelle Sadol

Rhyzel Dimaranan

It’s time to bust out the confetti to celebrate the following Promotions & Achievements and Accomplishments of our teammates! #SEGreatPeople Promotions

Domestic Sales Support (November 1)

Khristine Grace Villacrusis Jr. Project Manager, National Accounts (Microsoft) Ryan Senores Assistant Manager for ASCO Northeast/MidAtlantic Sales Support team Roger Gabucay Assistant Manager for ASCO West and South East Sales Support team

King Mailom Quotation Analyst expert for the domestic US sales Aylin Baldemor Jr. Project Manager, National Accounts (Facebook, United Rentals and Kohler) Kristo Mari Demegillo Assistant Manager for ASCO Central Sales Support team

Achievements and Accomplishments

Supply Chain

Axl Astorga with an average goal rating of 2.05 (New Hire Performer)

Christine Mae Almendras with an average goal rating of 2.17 (Procurement) Jocel Bechayda with an average goal rating of 2.2 (Analytics).


Michelle Sadol 3 years (November 12)


Now it’s time to tip our hats to individuals who went above and beyond!

ASCO Power Technologies shows gratitude to the following star employees for December 2021. Your hard work does not go unnoticed. We thank you for lifting the team with your talent and dedication. Congratulations to the following Top Performers from each team: Top Performers Customer Support Surge Domestic Sales Support

Jerald Diamonon

Mark Anthony Santos

Catherine Ann Berza

Kenneth Luab

Francis Fernandez

Supply Chain

For Procurement

Edgarlyn Blesilda Villafranca

Alfredo Engay Jr.

Jhovanie Patague

For Analytics

International Sales


Dave Resurreccion

Stella Sarmiento

Rhyzel Dimaranan

Technical Support


Decx Harel Tanap

Ana Marie Dela Cruz

Carlstan Soriano

It’s time to bust out the confetti to celebrate the following New Hire and Promotion of our teammates! #SEGreatPeople Promotion

Supply Chain (December 16)

Blesilda Villafranca Senior Buyer

New Hire

Surge (December 13)

Paul John Serrano Customer Service


Find the words in the puzzle . Words can go in any direction. Words can share letters as they cross over each other.




Look for words related to ASCO Power! Screen capture this puzzle, highlight the answers, and send us a copy via email to rozenaysabel.esquivel@ascopower.com . The first three senders will receive Step Up points.


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Rozena Ysabel Esquivel Publisher

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