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Intuitive Screens Simulate Live 7000 PCS Systems

Generator Controls Station

Breaker Controls and Failure Simulations

Master Control Operation

Generator Menu

Load/Gen Priorities

Status One-Line


• Automatic transfer switches, including simulation of source master controls program (system I/O not included in simulator). Simulated devices and controls: Included is a console, a PC with all master con trol screens from the live system touch screen, a simulator PC with screens for configuring the simula tor, and single PLC with the

• Power circuit breakers, including simulation of electrical charging, manual operation, control switches, lockout relay, failure to close and failure to open controls, including local control switch, synchronizer mode, random start and synchronization delays, common shutdown and pre-alarm initiation • Basic generator

• Mimicked switchgear control stations Various Test Scenarios Including: • Generator bus under frequency • Utility failure/ restoration • Circuit breaker open/ close failure

• Electrical interlock

(for training purposes)

• Generator failure • Circuit breaker unavailable (tripped, locked out, racked out) • Bus differential trip • Failure to synchronize

seeking and PLC initiated transfers

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