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7000 SERIES Power Control System Simulator Data Sheet

Trains Personnel, Tests Programs, Enhances Uptime and Reduces Costs People typically learn better through experience and experimentation. Additionally, this improves reten tion of knowledge and how to apply it. The PCS 7000 Series Simulator uses the actual master control pro gramming for the purchased PCS 7000 Series system, not a model, and therefore replicates a single, live master control PLC and operator panel. The benefits of the simulator extend well beyond operator train ing into operational efficiencies and opportunities for improvement.

Product Benefits

• Train personnel on an actual system replica without impact to live operation. • Provide on-site training instead of at a manufacturer’s facility for time and cost savings. • Test and evaluate personnel response to emergency situations. • Develop thorough system operation familiarity, including controls and system behavior, at a level unattainable with classroom training or experience

on a live system. • Evaluate sequencing and determine effectiveness; thoroughly test system states without wearing down or damaging equipment, creating downtime, or affecting operations. changes to determine performance and system impact. • Implement and assess upgrades and modifications to reduce risk of • Experiment with sequencing

live system downtime. • Expose bottlenecks in system operation or personnel procedures. • Demonstrate and audit site preparedness. • Create, revise, evaluate and improve policies and operating procedures. • Answer “what if?”

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