ASCO Power Technologies Digital Binder


Today more than ever, continuous electrical power is essential for providing mission-critical services. Whether it’s a hospital providing critical care, a data center with strict service level obligations, or a telecommunications site serving the public, services cannot be delivered without reliable power. From two-generator prime power for oil and gas operations to redundant 22-generator mission critical facilities, power sources must be managed efficiently and effectively. ASCO Power Control Systems meet these challenges by providing platforms that manage multiple power sources. These platforms can handle the most sophisticated event sequences for the most demanding applications.

Healthcare Facilities require reliable backup power to provide life-saving services. Hospitals often operate multiple generators to meet life safety and essential power needs. No one should have to worry whether the lights will stay on during life-saving procedures.

Mission Critical Facilities can experience process disruptions from even momentary power interruptions. With downtime costs measured in seconds, power and cooling availability is more important than ever. An outage can impact a company’s bottom line long after service has been restored.

Industrial Operations increasingly rely on automated electronic equipment. Power interruptions in chemical and continuous process facilities can require repairs that incur disproportionate costs. Minimizing downtime is essential to successful production operations.

Distributed Generation Systems play an expanding role in today’s power infrastructure. Reliably connecting, paralleling, and shedding power sources and managing power distribution are essential to reaping the economic benefits these systems promise.

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