March 2024 Internal Newsletter

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March 2024 Internal Monthly Newsletter

Introducing SourcePacT

What is hot yoga? ~ Miao Ding

Empowering women today for a sustainable tomorrow! This Women’s Month, we celebrate the remarkable contributions of women in shaping our workplace and the world. Let’s continue to champion diversity, equality, and inclusion every day. Together, we can create a more balanced and thriving future for all. Happy Women’s Month


The New Energy Landscape Solutions Page New Virtual Healthcare Facilities We’re one ticket away! Gear Up With the Sales Conversation Tool Offer Management & Literature Library Events Corner Collaborator’s Note - Robert Benavidez Training Section Employees Corner Finance Corner March Game - Spot the Difference What is hot yoga? - Miao Ding


Power generations and consumption practices continue to change as facilities prioritize sustainability and reliability. The New Energy Landscape presents a solution allowing facilities to transition to green energy sources and access the power required to optimize operations. The New Energy Landscape Solutions Page

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Find the latest videos of healthcare facilities with battery energy storage systems, solar photovoltaics, and EcoStruxure Microgrid Advisor. Viewers can immerse themselves in facilities supported by solutions for sustainability and power resilience. New Virtual Healthcare Facilities

We’re one ticket away!

The ASCO Power Marketing team recently integrated Workfront. Anyone who would like to get marketing assistance should use the tool to streamline collaboration. The integration of Workfront will enable us to accomplish projects with detailed briefs to lessen turnaround time and ensure that we stay on track with the project objectives.

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The Sales Conversation Tool centralizes product information, value proposition, and digital assets for the ASCO Power product line. It will empower sales teams to expand product knowledge and champion our industry-leading critical power equipment. Ready for Battle? Gear Up With the Sales Conversation Tool

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Medium Voltage Automatic Transfer Switches and Quick Connect Products are now in LayoutFAST We’ve released the MVATS and the Goldstar Products (QCPs) in LayoutFAST . Users can now include these ASCO solutions in the free software for building information modeling (BIM) and electrical design.

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Discontinued Products Cross-Reference

Find Schneider Electric alternatives for decommissioned ASCO products.

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Source PacT - Source Isolation Switch Overview A Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) can supply backup power only if there is a means to isolate the utility grid.

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Data Sheet:

Source PacT Data Sheet

Isolating a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) to provide backup power can be complex. SourcePacT™ is the industry’s first product designed to UL 3008 requirements.

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We’re championing our backup power solutions this month with a new lunch and learn.

Event Name

Event Date

ASCO/Curtis Consultant

March 27, 2024

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They embody our existing strengths and aspirations for a culture of growth, capturing the heart of who we are and who we want to become. Say hello to our IMPACT Values

Bring Them to Life


Greetings from leadership!

Our leaders gathered after the recent Open Line held in the Nashville Hub.


Robert Benavidez New Energy Landscape, Business Development Manager

ASCO Power Technologies takes pride in unveiling an isolation switch that ensures code compliance and seamless operation with standardized equipment, maximizing reliability. Source PacT is a valuable addition to the product line, opening doors for enhanced sustainability and uninterrupted power supply opportunities.

Source PacT , the industry’s first UL 3008 compliant interconnect isolation switch SourcePacT ™

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Meet The First UL 3008 Compliant Interconnect Isolation Switch

The SourcePacT simplifies the integration of battery energy storage systems. Attend this technical education session to understand the latest ASCO Power product and its value in helping facilities evolve their electrical architecture to support sustainability.

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Now it’s time to tip our hats to individuals who went above and beyond!

ASCO Power Technologies shows gratitude to the following star employees for January and February 2023 . Your hard work does not go unnoticed. We thank you for lifting the team with your talent and dedication.

Congratulations to the following Top Performers from each team: January Top Performers

Technical Support


Dave Resurreccion

Vlency Coronado


International Inside Sales

Shirley Ann Ricalde

Venerando De Sagun Jr.

Customer Service

Francis Nicole Talastas

Joanna Marie San Diego

Domestic Sales Support

Ralph Anthony Arguelles IS Quotations Team

Khimberley De Leon Inside Sales - Central

Eubert Gomez IS - Domestic (MaNe)

Kathreen Fabiana Inside Sales - West

February Top Performers


Shirley Ann Ricalde

Customer Service


Catherine Ann Berza

Vlency Coronado

Jennifer Cesar

International Inside Sales

Technical Support

Francis Fernandez

Albert Baybayon

Marvin Villaflor

Domestic Sales Support

Gerodias Bernabe Inside Sale Engineer

Mary Angel Domingo IS - Domestic (Central)

Alexon Tamson IS Quotation Team

Kathreen Fabiana Inside Sales - West

Jun Kristoffer Batac IS - Domestic (East)

Let’s hear some cheer for our new hires !

Domestic Sales Support

Mary Jane Cabanela

Mark Angelo Yabut


We recognized members of the Finance team at our most recent Finance call activity.​ ​

One nominee will receive the “Surge” prize out of all of the nominees. I would like to introduce our winner to you along with a brief synopsis of the nominees’ diligent work.​

Antonio Claverie​ CFO, ASCO Finance

Please join me in Congratulating them!​

Finance IMPACT Recognition​

Juan Leija Cantu​ Business Finance Controller​

The monthly ASCO Finance IMPACT recognition has gone to Juan Leija Cantu for his valuable contribution in a successful 2024-2025 Union Agreement on our Reynosa facility. Juan contributed with his leadership and sound advice, ensuring that company interest is well represented whilst at the same time, we continuously improves the labor conditions and terms of employment of our workers. Congratulations Juan for the well-deserved recognition.


Juan Leija Cantu and Jeff Shelton For the support through RF1 which was incredibly helpful in making sure ASCO’s COGS reflect the most accurate version for the GSC AOC.

Rodrigo Sanchez​ For connecting on holidays to run a WIP report due automatic Robot report was broken, there was a cancelled work order that had wrong quantity calculating an infinite value and cut short the WIP report.​ Diana Gonzalez​ For delivering the new automated Delta Price capability, a complex automated report that works with a new logic and provides more accurate results. The new system will save significant time and effort on the Pricing team going forward, contributing to efficiency and reliability.​ Ana Marie Dela Cruz​ For taking ownership on a tasks with the HR Manila Team, making sure the Marketing CC was moved properly to SEUS and especially for staying on top of the HR Manila team to send us the correct true up for 2023 Manila Costs, yielding ASCO a 304k savings which will be recorded as a benefit to the P&L.​ Divinia Isic & Winalyn Ceria​ For their support in our ongoing process of moving Avtron’s cash to them. Divinia has been essential in our management of the AR we have coming through our books on Avtron’s behalf, overseeing the tracking and working diligently in her validations to ensure we match the necessary invoices. Winalyn has been essential in processing the 50+ wire transfers throughout the last 5 quarters, in working with the necessary individuals to ensure the transfers are completed within our key internal controls and procedures.​


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What is hot yoga? It’s a type of yoga done in warm and heated studios for a strenuous workout. It creates a more strenuous approach to the traditional practice and boosts the metabolism as a result. What Helen likes about hot yoga: • It helps me concentrate on breathing and stay present • It helps me practice gratitude and reminds me to be grateful for great things happening in her life What Helen finds challenging about yoga: • Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable • Yoga is a form of meditation. Turning off the mental chatter and being present without judgment of myself and others is harder than expected. She picked up the hobby during her stay in business school and has committed to hot yoga ever since. Miao Ding , also known as Helen, is PP & PS NAM Hub Marketing Leader. Her life and career are storied, with her moving from country to country to expand her horizons. But one thing remained constant: her affinity for hot yoga.

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