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January 2024 Internal Monthly Newsletter

Introducing SourcePacT

What I like about Gaming ~ Joseph Carlson

Welcome to 2024, a year of innovation, collaboration, and growth! As we embark on this new chapter together, let’s continue to push boundaries, embrace challenges, and celebrate our achievements. Here’s to another year of success and teamwork.

Wishing you all a fantastic 2024 ahead!


Introducing SourcePacT New Virtual Healthcare Facilities We’re one ticket away! Gear Up With the Sales Conversation Tool Offer Management Literature Library Events Corner Collaborator’s Note - Robert Benavidez Training Section Employees Corner What ASCO Power Product Are You? What I like about Gaming - Joseph Carlson


Organizations today invest in battery energy storage systems (BESS) to maximize renewables-generated energy availability. Enabling the BESS to provide resiliency to the building can be complex. SourcePacT™, the industry’s first UL 3008 compliant interconnect isolation switch – simplifies this complexity and ensures that being sustainable doesn’t mean sacrificing safety and reliability. Introducing SourcePacT

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Find the latest videos of healthcare facilities with battery energy storage systems, solar photovoltaics, and EcoStruxure Microgrid Advisor. Viewers can immerse themselves in facilities supported by solutions for sustainability and power resilience. New Virtual Healthcare Facilities

We’re one ticket away!

The ASCO Power Marketing team recently integrated Workfront. Anyone who would like to get marketing assistance should use the tool to streamline collaboration. The integration of Workfront will enable us to accomplish projects with detailed briefs to lessen turnaround time and ensure that we stay on track with the project objectives.

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The Sales Conversation Tool centralizes product information, value proposition, and digital assets for the ASCO Power product line. It will empower sales teams to expand product knowledge and champion our industry-leading critical power equipment. Ready for Battle? Gear Up With the Sales Conversation Tool

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Don’t have access? Email rozenaysabel.esqiuvel@se.com or maritess.bernardino@se.com for assistance.


Medium Voltage Automatic Transfer Switches and Quick Connect Products are now in LayoutFAST We’ve released the MVATS and the Goldstar Products (QCPs) in LayoutFAST . Users can now include these ASCO solutions in the free software for building information modeling (BIM) and electrical design.

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Discontinued Products Cross-Reference

Find Schneider Electric alternatives for decommissioned ASCO products.

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Technical Brief:

Commercial Backup Power Systems and Ground Fault Management Risks such as power outages and hazards can significantly disrupt the smooth operations within the premises.

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Technical Brief:

The Impact of Power Outages on Data Centers The consequences can be severe. This document explains the different ways power disruptions impact data centers.

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Join us to discover how the latest solution provides the automated logic and switching necessary to allowing the full leverage the inverters capability for resiliency and how the new UL 3008 standard is ensuring this is done with the same level of robustness as UL 1008 does for transfer switches and generators. Meeting Isolation Requirements for Inverter-Based Standby Power Applications



Robert Benavidez New Energy Landscape, Business Development Manager

ASCO Power Technologies takes pride in unveiling an isolation switch that ensures code compliance and seamless operation with standardized equipment, maximizing reliability. Source PacT is a valuable addition to the product line, opening doors for enhanced sustainability and uninterrupted power supply opportunities.

Source PacT , the industry’s first UL 3008 compliant interconnect isolation switch SourcePacT ™

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Meet The First UL 3008 Compliant Interconnect Isolation Switch

The SourcePacT simplifies the integration of battery energy storage systems. Attend this technical education session to understand the latest ASCO Power product and its value in helping facilities evolve their electrical architecture to support sustainability.

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Now it’s time to tip our hats to individuals who went above and beyond!

ASCO Power Technologies shows gratitude to the following star employees for December 2023 . Your hard work does not go unnoticed. We thank you for lifting the team with your talent and dedication. Congratulations to the following Top Performers from each team: Top Performers

Technical Support


International Inside Sales

Marvin Villaflor

Rolando Calderon

Albert Baybayon


Supply Chain

Customer Service

Edgarlyn Blesilda Villafranca

Mary Andrea Pagudar

Sameen Al Hasani

Shirley Ann Ricalde

Analyn Almeria

John Raner Pascual

Domestic Sales Support

Ralph Anthony Arguelles IS Quotations Team

Eubert Gomez IS - Domestic (MaNe)

Mary Angel Domingo IS - Domestic (Central)

Sunshine Serafin IS - Domestic (West)

Aylin Baldemor IS National Accounts

Naldrin Magparangalan Inside Sales Engineer


Answer a few fun questions to uncover which ASCO power product best matches your personality and traits. Let’s dive in and discover the perfect power product that resonates with you! What ASCO Power Product Are You?

Send your result to rozenaysabel.esquivel@ascopower.com for a chance to win Step-Up Points!

CONGRATULATIONS to last month’s winners!

Mary Angel Domingo

Rizza May Gerodias


Fun fact: Joe started playing the board game “Pandemic” in December 2019. (Talk about premonition!) What Joe likes about gaming: • It provides enjoyment, fun, relaxation, and nostalgia • It’s a great way to socialize • Sharing his hobbies with his loved ones makes gaming more special It started when he received a Nintendo Entertainment System for Christmas at five years old. From then on, he’d ask for new video games every holiday and birthday. He also started playing board games in his mid-20s. Joseph Carlson is a National Account Manager. His work requires him to be an expert in planning, directing, and coordinating. Joe also leverages these when he’s gaming too.

What Joe finds challenging about gaming: • Finding time • Learning new mechanics

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