June 2023 Internal Newsletter

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June 2023 Internal Monthly Newsletter

ASCO Power wins Silver in the CSE Product of the Year Awards!

What is Triathlon race? ~ Joe Tovar

Training Section

Our innovative products have won the prestigious title from the Consulting Specifying Engineer (CSE) Product of the Year awards. The award-giving body recognizes top new products in HVAC, fire/life safety, electrical, and plumbing systems engineering markets chosen by subscribers. ASCO Power Quick Connect Products win Silver 2023 Product of the Year

Director of Marketing Roxanne Larcher receives the award

Peter Herweck, CEO, sits down with Aamir Paul, President, North America Operations, to discuss his recent travels, NAM growth, and his hopes for our region.


New Site Search for our website is now live! Know, grow, and protect the company Gear Up With the Sales Conversation Tool The ASCOPower3D+ App Needs Your Input! Medium Voltage ATS and Quick Connect Products are now in LayoutFAST Yahoo! Finance Shares ASCO Power News! Literature Library

Analytics Corner & Events Corner Collaborator’s Note - Bob Spears Employees Corner June Game - Sudoku Triathlon Race - Joe Tovar


• New Guided Search with UI aligned with se.com and better recommenda tions for the customer • More relevant results which allows our customer to find the results they are looking for much faster • Aligned Customer experience with se.com Website • Tab view enabled (including new FAQ tab that was not there a few days ago!) • Additional filters, • New search result cards, • “Need help?” widget • And more… • Same solution across all websites where new Site Search was already enabled – SE.com, APC, mySchneider, and more to come! New features will be available much faster in the future across different websites • Faster response time as we focused a lot on performance when building our new Site Search platform The improved Site Search for ASCO Power website is now live!


Make sure to complete Essential Learnings before September 30, 2023 . Know, grow, and protect the company

Trust at Schneider Electric This training will help you to understand the importance of Trust and how each of us can help to build Trust with our stakeholders. This course is based on the Trust Charter, Schneider Electric’s Code of Conduct.

Cybersecurity for Schneider Electric Use your cybersecurity knowledge to foil the traps used by cybercriminals in everyday life. This learning course is an interactive refresher on the cyber threats you may face and what action you should take to stay protected. This course is mandatory compliance training for all Schneider Electric employees.

Cybersecurity for Customer-facing Employees Completion of this course is recommended to complete for all customer-facing employees. You must complete the training in one language only.

What is Sustainability During this training you will understand what sustainability means for us at Schneider Electric, what are the current environmental and social challenges we are facing, why we need to consider social and environmental challenges as a whole and how a company can act. This training will end with an overview of Schneider Electric’s sustainability strategy.

Quality: The Safety of our Customers Quality is one of our top priorities primarily because it’s the safety of our customers and our field teams. This training will motivate you to adopt a 0 defect mindset and boost our quality culture that empowers all employees to move from correction to prevention.

Anti-Corruption at Schneider Electric In Schneider Electric we have a zero tolerance for corruption. In this curriculum you will have the opportunity to raise your awareness on rules and expectations when it comes to domains presenting corruption or compliance risks such as facilitation payments, conflict of interest, gifts and hospitalities, business agents, policies dedicated to them, and the speak up mindset.

Leading Agile Teams To provide maximum value to our customers in a fast changing world while enhancing collaboration and entrepreneurship, we have adopted the Agile ways of working. Agile teams have increased expectations from their leaders compared to traditional teams.

Design Quality Fundamentals The Design Quality Fundamentals training will cover the top 5 fundamentals of Design Quality that will help you achieve robustness and reliability in design: Critical to Quality Characteristics, Mission Profile, Parameter - Diagram, Design FMEA and Field Reliability.

Schneider Sustainability School Understand environmental challenges and learn what you do to contribute to sustainability.

The Sales Conversation Tool centralizes product information, value proposition, and digital assets for the ASCO Power product line. It will empower sales teams to expand product knowledge and champion our industry-leading critical power equipment. Ready for Battle? Gear Up With the Sales Conversation Tool

Check it Out

Don’t have access? Email rozenaysabel.esqiuvel@se.com or maritess.bernardino@se.com for assistance.

We’re one ticket away!

The ASCO Power Marketing team recently integrated Workfront. Anyone who would like to get marketing assistance should use the tool to streamline collaboration. The integration of Workfront will enable us to accomplish projects with detailed briefs to lessen turnaround time and ensure that we stay on track with the project objectives.

Submit a Marketing request on Workfront

Access the Workfront training video and presentation


The app allows you to understand and see ASCO Power offers in different market segments. The ASCOPower3D+ App Needs Your Input! User feedback will advance our step towards greater omnichannel marketing. Your insight helps improve the app and provide a better experience for customers. Download the app and send your feedback to Jim.Serrano@ascopower.com.

Scan the QR to download!


Medium Voltage Automatic Transfer Switches and Quick Connect Products are now in LayoutFAST We’ve released the MVATS and the Goldstar Products (QCPs) in LayoutFAST . Users can now include these ASCO solutions in the free software for building information modeling (BIM) and electrical design.

View Here

Discontinued Products Cross-Reference

Find Schneider Electric alternatives for decommissioned ASCO products.

Learn More


Read Here

The finance publication featured the Silver Product of the Year win announcement. It delivers daily market coverage and insight across different industries. Find ASCO Power news in one of the top news publishers in the US. Yahoo! Finance Shares ASCO Power News!


Technical Brief: How Automated Critical Power Reporting Helps Healthcare Facilities The mission-critical nature of healthcare facilities makes power availability essential to providing continuous patient care.

Learn More

Technical Brief: How Power Outages Impact Higher Education Power continuity faces risks from extreme climate events that are becoming more common. Without power, numerous educational functions are at risk of interruption.

Learn More



• ASCO successfully launched the CSE Webcast entitled Explore Critical Power Systems in Hospitals last May 18, 2023. • The event reached 1,154 Registrants and 542 Attendees. 89% of these attendees are from North America, while 11% are from Other Countries (Asia, CALA, Canada, Middle East & Africa) • The On-Demand Sessions gathered 50 attendees. • On the other hand, ASCO participated at CAHED 2023 Trade Show in Denver, CO, last May 4-5, 2023. • 18 registrants were identified as Sales Ready from the event with suspected pipeline opportunities. Trade Show

Mobile Classroom

• 1 Mobile Classroom Event was recently held in Indianapolis by CM Buck.

ASCO Website

• As of YTD May 2023, ASCO Website earned 509K Pageviews, 222K Sessions with a 1.37 average session per user and a bounce rate of 57%. • For May 2023, our Company Website gained 82K Pageviews and 38K sessions, • For May 2023, Web Traffic is still driven by Organic Search, with 16K users, followed by Direct Search with 8K users.


Trade Shows

Catch the Digital Hub in action at the events below. It offers visitors a chance to interact with industry-leading backup power equipment.

Event Name

Event Date

Event Website

JW Marriott Orlando Grande Lakes

7x24 Exchange Spring Conference

June 4-7, 2023

Spectech (Internal event with SE)

June 12-14, 2023

O’Fallon, MO

Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV

NFPA Conference and Expo 2023 June 19-23, 2023

Find More

May 18th Webcast Stats in Collaboration with CSE Magazine:

109 Sales Ready Leads Tagged as attended in Marketo - 433


Bob Spears Senior Field Sales Engineer

ASCO Power Lunch and Learns are valuable tools for providing information which is important to consultants who specify products. They give technical details that help attendees gain a better understanding of key subjects that are critical to successful designs and functions. It is never necessary to promote just the ASCO brand, providing the best practices always puts ASCO as the preferred supplier. These presentations are also valuable for placing the Field Sales Engineer as a key asset for assistance in future designs.

Lunch & Learn Deployment Toolkit

Access the resources


Last April, 61 ASCO employees earned 19,074 points by sharing assets!

Sharing is a GREAT way for ASCO to gain visibility and reach more leads in the backup power community. Plus, it is an easy way for YOU to help ASCO Power Technologies rise in an increasingly digital world. We also have a monthly contest to reward top advocates with StepUp points! So, make sure you don’t miss out. The leaders for this month are:

North America


• Joseph Carlson • Rachael Renna • Westmore Bowman

• Kenneth Luab • Christine Mae Almendras • Vincent Lumanao

Amplify ASCO’s voice by linking your social media account to the SE Advocacy platform, checking the latest ASCO posts, and sharing them on your profile. In case you missed the education session for the program, The Social Advocacy Training explains the following:

• Employee Advocacy • Reasons to be an Advocate • Employee Advocacy Features

If you want to participate on social media but don’t know what to share, this is your chance! Try the SE Advocacy tool today.


Now it’s time to tip our hats to individuals who went above and beyond!

ASCO Power Technologies shows gratitude to the following star employees for May 2023 . Your hard work does not go unnoticed. We thank you for lifting the team with your talent and dedication.

Congratulations to the following Top Performers from each team: Top Performers

Technical Support


Supply Chain

Dave Resurreccion

Rolando Calderon

John Raner Pascual

Edgarlyn Blesilda Villafranca


Vincent Lumanao

Jerald Diamonon

Francis Uywan

Leilanie Lisanin

Shirley Ann Ricalde

Customer Service

Leonardo Menor Jr.

Catherine Ann Berza

Mat Ranillo Legion

Domestic Sales Support

International Inside Sales

Alexon Tamson IS Quotation Team

Jeanna Pauline Liwanag

Marvin Natividad IS - Domestic (East)

Jayciel Jan Bautista

Kurt Glexther Dela Cruz IS National Accounts Team

Nicole Estudillo IS - Domestic (West)

Jun Kristoffer Batac IS - Domestic (MaNe)



Fill in a 9×9 grid with digits so that each column, row, and 3×3 section contain the numbers between 1 to 9. At the beginning of the game, the 9×9 grid will have some of the squares filled in. Your job is to use logic to fill in the missing digits and complete the grid.

Solve the puzzle below!

CONGRATULATIONS to last month’s winners!

Storm Brigman

Jason Boucher

Send your answer to rozenaysabel.esquivel@ascopower.com for a chance to win Step-Up Points!


What I like about it: • I love endurance races since my father was a marathon runner in his earlier years • It improves my health overall • It is a great way to build a strong local community • There are so many inspirational people to learn from. Not only professional athletes but day to day people who face personal challenges and still find that drive to train. • I hope one day to run a full Ironman – 140.6 miles - 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run – and to raise money for a charity I believe in What I find challenging: • The most challenging aspect is fitting all three disciplines in my life on top of family and my current role as a Project Manager- Key Account in ASCO. I usually try to fit in 8-12 hours of cardiovascular exercise a week leading up to a race. • Finding new ways to improve in every discipline – so I’m always learning about exercise science and human physiology • Staying focused on myself in this sport. There are so many impressive and inspirational people in this sport that it can get a little intimidating when lining up at the beginning of every race. It is an organized race consisting of swimming, biking, and running. Joseph races 70.3 distance triathlons -– 1.2-mile swim, 56-mile bike, and 13.1-mile run. Joe Tovar is an ASCO Power Project Manager – Key Accounts. He’s responsible for projects from initiation to close, ensuring the work gets done efficiently and exceed customer expectations. His job involves strong multitasking skills that Joe also brings with him outside work. In his free time, he enjoys training for triathlon races. He’s been at it since 2019. What is Triathlon race?

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