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April 2022 Internal Monthly Newsletter

What is traditional Egyptian dance? ~ Roxanne Larcher

#InvestInOurPlanet New ASCO Case Study!

Happy Earth Day!

Don’t forget to take action on April 22, 2022 and #InvestInOurPlanet. Here are some things that you can do to celebrate Earth Day:

Ride your bike Plant a tree Use reusable bags Pick up litter Recycle


Send Support to Ukraine Digital Updates ASCO Voice Amplified

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ASCO Events Corner Collaborator’s Note Social Advocacy Corner Training Council Employees Corner - March April Crossword ASCO Feature - Roxanne Larcher

With the support of the Schneider Electric Foundation, there is a Tomorrow Rising crowdfunding campaign to help our +150 Ukrainian colleagues, who are facing incredible difficulties to move out or stay in their country and substantiate the needs of their families. The Schneider Electric Foundation will match employee donations to a total value of €400,000.

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Why won’t the generator shut off on the SERIES 185 Transfer Switch? The latest Technical FAQ lists ways to resolve why a generator won’t shut off when using the SERIES 185 transfer switch . It explains possible reasons behind the problem and how to solve them.

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Why SIGMA LT is Best-in-Class

The latest infographic explains three reasons why it’s a leading solution in load bank control.

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The Herald Chronicle serving Franklin County shares the ASCO Power Technologies webinar announcement. Find details about the Load Bank Characteristics and Applications webinar in the article.

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Chilton Medical Center One of the safest hospitals in the USA trusted ASCO Power to replace its overburdened backup power system with a robust solution to meet its mission critical requirements.


ASCO Case Study:

Wastewater Treatment Plant Glasgow, Montana, USA Communities rely on continuous wastewater treatment for essential sanitation. Surrounding ecosystems rely on continuous wastewater treatment to avoid environmental harm. Those needs are always mission-critical regardless of treatment plant size or location.

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Application Notes:

The ASCO Joint Commission Reporting Package

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Application Notes:

Getting the Most from Power Quality Meters

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The ASCO Web Dashboard with Google Analytics is finally here!

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Highlights • As of YTD Mar 2022 ASCO website gained 351K page views and 139K sessions • 1.97 Average session per user • 54% bounce rate • 19% increase in Pageviews • 9% increase in Sessions (March 2022 vs February 2022) • Web Traffic driven by Organic Search using Google, Direct Search (20%) and Referral (5%) • Technical Briefs, User Manual, Drawings & Events received the highest Pageviews and Sessions in the same month. • Campaign drivers for this month are Google/CPC Campaigns, Events, and On- Demand Webinar, contributing the highest pageviews & sessions

ASCO Webinar and Mobile Classroom Dashboard • 3 Webinars were launched in Q1 2022

- Recorded 881 Total Registrations & 261 Attendees - ASCO had a positive 1st quarter achieving 36% of its overall target, 724

out of 2,500 target registrations during YTD Mar 2022. • 130 Mobile Classroom attendees have been recorded

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Trade Show, Lunch and Learns, and Mobile Classroom Playbooks are now live in the Sales Learning Portal under ASCO Programs and Contacts. Announcement

Load Bank Physical Characteristics and their Applications 20th April 2022 at 11am EDT

Join us on April 20, 2022 at 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EDT for the latest ASCO Learning Series Webinar: Load Bank Physical Characteristics and their Applications. It is a FREE webinar led by ASCO’s Load Bank Product Manager Bernard Leon. Attendees will earn 1.0 PDH credit! Learning Objectives: • Understand why load banks are needed • Understand the physical characteristics of each load bank type • Understand the application of each load bank type

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Trade Shows

Graybar Spring NTC 2022 April 21-23, 20 22 2022 WSSHE Spring Symposium April 21-22, 2022 Innovation Days: Permian Basin 2022 April 26-27, 2022 Hunzicker Brothers 100 Year Customer Event April 28, 2022

Mobile Classroom

12 QR Code Scans from Mobile Classroom Attendees (March to April Week 1)

What they’re saying online

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Bernard Leon Product Owner, Marketing

In a world where so many are still working remotely, the Digital Hub offers resources that allow a frictionless interaction with our products virtually. My favorite digital ASCO tool is the Interactive 3D Facilities . This tool has helped me and our sales team train both internal and external customers. With this tool, you can immerse yourself in environments where you can find our portfolio of products. This gives you an up-close look at the products and their key features in the comfort of your home or office.


Sharing is a GREAT way for ASCO to gain visibility and reach more leads in the backup power community. Plus, it is an easy way for YOU to help ASCO Power Technologies rise in an increasingly digital world. Amplify ASCO’s voice by linking your social media account to the SE Advocacy platform, checking the latest ASCO posts, and sharing them on your profile. In case you missed the education session for the program, The Social Advocacy Training explains the following: From January to March 2022, we earned 7,786 points by sharing assets on social media.

• Employee Advocacy • Reasons to be an Advocate • Employee Advocacy Features

If you want to participate on social media but don’t know what to share, this is your chance! Start the training here . Try the SE Advocacy tool today.

TRAINING COUNCIL As an impact company, we are committed to delivering on our purpose, people and planet, as well as on profitability. We want to produce a long term positive change for our customers, partners, employees, investors, and communities around the world. For each of us, that means acting like owners to know, grow and protect the company. Our Schneider Essentials - by focusing on the most critical learning areas for all employees – is a key step to achieve this together. In 2022, Schneider Essentials are returning with key topics focused on Trust, Cybersecurity, Mental Health and the Schneider Story plus a few more functional courses based on your role. The essential learnings are due on September 30, 2022. Required NAM Schneider Essential Learnings (Due September 30, 2022)

Trust at Schneider Electric Cybersecurity for Schneider Electric 2022 We All Have Mental Health The Schneider Electric Story Suggested Safety Training Digital Boost 2.0: Check & Learn Creating Value for Customers with Agile General Data Protection Regulation

Schneider Electric’s LayoutFAST software team and Jennifer Werner recently held an ASCO-focused training on Thursday, March 31, 2022. Over 100 participants from the ASCO team came to learn about the importance of building information modeling (or “BIM”) in the construction and electrical industry. Attendees learned how Schneider Electric’s LayoutFAST software makes it easier for our customers to practice BIM . The presenters were LayoutFAST’s program manager, Felix Ramos, and BIM subject matter expert, Don Bokmiller. They reviewed how BIM and LayoutFAST mitigate risk and save time for our customers. The presenters also showed how LayoutFAST generates warm leads for our sales teams, influences revenue, and helps SE mine valuable data about our customers and what SE equipment these customers are configuring. To watch the recording, you can view it here and review the presentation deck here . If you have any questions about LayoutFAST or BIM, you can email felix.ramos@se.com . A new major release of LayoutFAST is coming in May 2022 developed with customers and SMEs. Stay tuned!


Now it’s time to tip our hats to individuals who went above and beyond!

ASCO Power Technologies shows gratitude to the following star employees for February 2022. Your hard work does not go unnoticed. We thank you for lifting the team with your talent and dedication.

Congratulations to the following Top Performers from each team: Top Performers Technical Support Marketing

Domestic Sales Support

Franz Raimund Ybud

Alfredo Engay Jr.

Decx Harel Tanap

Supply Chain

AE Wellbeing Champion

Daisy Buac

Gennadiy Dorfman

Edgarlyn Blesilda

AE Onboarding Updates

Cheyenne Lewis (90 Days)

Danny Villarroel (90 Days)

Emily Branstetter (90 Days)

Mena Rezkalla (180 Days)

It’s time to bust out the confetti to celebrate the following Achievements and Accomplishments of our teammates! #SEGreatPeople Achievements and Accomplishments



Fill out the puzzle with correct terms using the clues provided.

Down: 1. April ____ is Earth Day 2. “____ In Our Planet” is the theme for Earth Day 2022. 3. Reduce ____ Recycle 4. The two-term Winsconsin governor who created Earth Day. 7. __% of the US population celebrated the first Earth Day. 10. A day to encourage tree planting. Across: 5. ___% of the Global Emissions by Gas is carbon dioxide, according to an Environmental Protection Agency study. 6. The total greenhouse gas emissions caused directly and indirectly by an individual, organization, event or product. 8. ___ countries celebrate earth day every year. 9. Gases that trap heat in the atmosphere.


March Winners! Decx Harel Tanap Kristo Mari Demegillo Mohamad Adlouni

The first to finish the puzzle and send a screencap to rozenaysabel.esquivel@ascopower.com wins Step-Up points!


This March, Roxanne Larcher joined Schneider Electric as ASCO’s Director of Marketing. She has nearly three decades experience in business-to-business marketing and likes to devote her free time to the art of traditional Egyptian dance. Dancing has been a part of her life since the late ‘80s.

What is traditional Egyptian dance? The proper name for this artform is Raks Sharqi. In the Western world, it is commonly referred to as belly dance. It is a woman-focused dance featuring movements of the hips and torso. This once forbidden art form is now an empowering activity for women of all ages, sizes, shapes and walks of life from all around the globe. What I like about it: • Egyptian culture and history • Learning from different cultural perspectives • It is how I access and express my creativity Challenges: • The physical toll it takes • A typical week incorporates 10+ hours of training • Finding a balance between career, life, family, and creative inspiration

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