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March 2022 Internal Monthly Newsletter

9800 Load Bank

“If you have a training need or suggestion, please reach out to me.” ~ Jennifer Werner

Happy Women’s History Month

Women have contributed to shaping the nation, sciences, and other aspects of our life. Let’s continue to celebrate and empower women around us.


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With the support of the Schneider Electric Foundation, there is a Tomorrow Rising crowdfunding campaign to help our +150 Ukrainian colleagues, who are facing incredible difficulties to move out or stay in their country and substantiate the needs of their families. The Schneider Electric Foundation will match employee donations to a total value of €400,000.

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The NEW 3D OFFERS for the Quick Connect Power Panel and Manual Transfer Switch. ASCO Power SERIES 300 Manual Transfer Switch with Dual Purpose Quick Connects - The equipment provides an economical way to connect both a generator and a load bank for testing.

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ASCO Power SERIES 300 Quick Connect Power Panel with Integrated Breakers - The equipment provides a convenient way to connect a standby generator to critical infrastructure to keep facilities operating.

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Need to know more about ASCO Load Banks? We’ve got you covered. The latest TechXpert videos discuss their value, the different load bank types, and more.!

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9800 Model Load Banks Now On Synergy The 9800 Model load banks are now available to quote in ASCO’s quotation tool Synergy. The 9800 Model is a medium voltage Load Bank. It is an AC resistive skid-mounted design for outdoor use when up to 3000 kW is required.

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Deutsche Bank Deutsche Bank offers financial services to over 70 countries worldwide. ASCO Power provided a superior power system for its mission-critical New York Headquarters.


Technical FAQs:

Five application considerations for choosing Closed Transition Transfer Switches.

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Technical FAQs:

How to install Group G Retrofit Controller to replace SERIES 300 Group 1 Controller?

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Application Notes: ASCO Transfer Switch Frame Type Explained

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Application Notes:

Overview of ASCO Quick Connect Products

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ASCO B2O Dashboard • 115% achievement rate for NAM Earned Media/Brand mentions • ~5,000 out of 83,157 brand mentions in the NAM region were for ASCO in January 2022 • Earned 7,919 engaged customers and secured $113,214 Influenced orders. • Shout out to Larry Grodsky and our PR & Social Media Team led by Alyssa Mercado & Franz Raimund Ybud for contributing to this achievement! ASCO Webinar • ASCO started the year strong with 538 new registrants for the two webinars launched. This is already 27% of the total goal of 2,500 registrants for FY 2022. • 173 attendees were present in the January & February 2022 Webinars. • Shout out to Larry Grodsky, Cristine Isorena & Maritess Bernardino for the Webinar success View the Dashboard

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Load Bank Physical Characteristics and their Applications. 20th April 2022 at 11am EDT

Join us on April 20, 2022, at 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EDT for the ASCO Learning Series Webinar: Load Bank Physical Characteristics and their Applications. Attendees will earn 1.0 PDH credit! Learning Objectives: • Understand the types of load banks • Understand the physical characteristics of each load bank type • Understand the application of each load bank type

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Mobile Classroom

The ASCO Power Mobile Classroom is hitting the road again to demonstrate the edge of our products. It offers visitors a chance to interact with industry leading backup power equipment, allowing visitors to see them up close or interact with them in virtual reality. Friday, March 11, 2022 , Ed Sittler (Mobile Classroom 2), Tulsa, OK Wednesday, March 23, 2022 , Heath Wilson (Mobile Classroom 2), Dallas

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Trade Show

Electro Expo 2022 March 30-31, 2022 | Onsite Program Manager, Mark Weisenburger Huntington Convention Center, Cleveland OH Find ASCO Power in Electro Expo 2022. It is a FREE trade show and educational conference for the electrical construction industry. The event features 200+ manufacturers and 30+ classes.

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A global leader in news distribution shares ASCO Power’s plans to enrich its Infographics Portal. Read the news on Business Wire ’s website.

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Sharing is a GREAT way for ASCO to gain visibility and reach more leads in the backup power community. Plus, it is an easy way for YOU to help ASCO Power Technologies rise in an increasingly digital world. We also have a monthly contest to reward the top Advocates with StepUp points! So make sure you don’t miss out. The leaders for this month are:

North America

Manila 1. Joana Naia De Leon 2. Betchel Ruth Poblete 3. Christal Joy Caalim

1. Matthew Roth 2. Joseph Carlson 3. Michele Hix

Amplify ASCO’s voice by linking your social media account to the SE Advocacy platform, checking the latest ASCO posts, and sharing them on your profile. In case you missed the education session for the program, The Social Advocacy Training explains the following:

• Employee Advocacy • Reasons to be an Advocate • Employee Advocacy Features

If you want to participate on social media but don’t know what to share, this is your chance! Start the training here . Try the SE Advocacy tool today.


Learn how Schneider Electric software can help ASCO specifiers and electrical contractor customers save time and mitigate risk. LayoutFAST is an award-winning Schneider Electric software offering an intuitive, cloud-based product configurator that outputs BIM models of ASCO and Schneider Electric products. Join us on March 24, 2022, at 2 PM EDT. Course Summary: An introduction to LayoutFAST and why it’s important for our ASCO customers - What does LayoutFAST do? - What’s included in LayoutFAST? - How do I get to LayoutFAST How to sell the value propositions of LayoutFAST in the context of ASCO and Schneider Electric - Internal and External How to handle possible objections from ASCO customers - Demo of what LayoutFAST does: - What customers typically do - What customers can do with LayoutFAST Pre-Requisites: Web access A basic understanding of Building Target Audience: ASCO stakeholders - ASCO Sales LayoutFAST | Saving Time and Mitigating Risk for ASCO Customers

- ASCO Quotes Team - ASCO Service Sales

Information Modeling (BIM) is beneficial, but not required

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Jennifer Werner Channel of Development Director

I am the sponsor of our Training Council across ASCO Power. We leverage marketing programs to bring new training, webinars, and events to you. You can take advantage and leverage our marketing programs as I do. The Digital Binder is my favorite. It is updated with new products and links to videos, white papers, and more. It is convenient and you can access it using your mobile device. I encourage you to visit the Digital Hub . Also, don’t miss out on our new training modules for ATS Fundamentals (APTCROES0001000) and Load Bank Fundamentals (APTPRDES0001009) now posted on MyLearningLink.

If you have a training need or suggestion, please reach out to me.


Now it’s time to tip our hats to individuals who went above and beyond!

ASCO Power Technologies shows gratitude to the following star employees for February 2022. Your hard work does not go unnoticed. We thank you for lifting the team with your talent and dedication.

Congratulations to the following Top Performers from each team: Top Performers

Supply Chain

Edgarlyn Blesilda Villafranca

Domestic Sales Support


Jennifer Cesar

Mark Anthony Santos

Technical Support

Shermaine Carullo

Lawrence Bayoneto

Sherwin Rivera

Shirley Ann Ricalde

Alfredo Engay Jr.

Carlstan Soriano

Customer Support

International Inside Sales


Joanna Marie San Diego

Jayciel Jan Bautista

Maritess Bernardino

It’s time to bust out the confetti to celebrate the following Promotion, Achievements and Accomplishments of our teammates! #SEGreatPeople Promotions

Supply Chain (February 28)

Axl Astorga Probationary to Regular

Achievements and Accomplishments

Anthony Landi 30 Years of Service

Robert Duffy 5 Years of Service

Tamer Mikhael MS APAC success

Sachin Revan Gavade

Richard Norman

Tushar Dandeka

Vaibhav Waghade



Fill out the puzzle with correct terms using the clues provided.

Down: 1. The first woman to receive two Nobel prizes. 2. An African-American space scientist and mathematician. She is a leading figure in American space history. 3. The UN’s theme for International Women’s Day 2022 is “Gender equality for a _______ tomorrow.” 5. A pioneering electrical engineer at the turn of the 20th century and was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame in 2015. Across: 4. American singer-songwriter known for the song Run The World (Girls) 6. ____ is a global network of IEEE members and volunteers dedicated to promoting women engineers and scientists 7. The color for International Women’s Day. 8. The first computer programmer. 9. Helen Greiner created robots that disarm landmines and a vacuum cleaner robot called ______.


The first to finish the puzzle and send a screencap to wins Step-Up points!


VP of International Sales Amir Abouhashem has been with ASCO Power for 39 years. In his free time, he likes to play soccer. He has played the sport all his life.

Amir shares the importance of staying active, “Fitness is not just about keeping your muscles and bones healthy. Physical activity improves your cognitive health. It helps you think better, learn faster, and solve problems better. The endorphins help boost memory and keep you sharp.” What is soccer? Also known as football, soccer is the most popular sport with approximately 4 billion fans. It’s played by two teams of 11 players whose objective is to maneuver a ball into the opponent’s goal without using their hands or arms. What I like about it:

Challenges: • Maintaining my fitness level to play competitively - I cycle, swim, run, and row to stay in shape.

• I love competing • I enjoy teamwork • It helps me stay fit

Want to share your hobby? Answer this form to get featured in the next newsletter!

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